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Passionate Usability Consultant, Accessibility Advocate

My research

Have you started using “Sex”, “Gender”, and “Pronoun” field in your forms? Can you define each, relative the other? What was the outcome when you explain the need to stakeholders?

Common automobile icons and an alternative perspective.

Can there be humour in usability? Is usability only in the digital space?

User interface (UI) design extends beyond software and Internet into everyday physical world, too. In the image above, an example of commonly used icons in automobiles. It has a humorous take on what they actually represent and perhaps demonstrates one area for improvement.

Have You Seen the Magic Usability Unicorns?

I’m happy to read more and more usability professionals are fighting to separate UI & UX. In The UX “Full Stack Unicorn” and How it was Born, Dave Lull not only breaks down the difference in UI & UX but the difference in a coder & programmer.

Yahoo! Beats Google for Most Visitors for July 2013

Brian W Reaves

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